South West Code Camp – Presentation on OData

This is the contents of my presentation from the South West Code Camp in Estoro. The presentation  is on Building and Consuming OData Custom Providers. In this presentation I demo a basic OData provider using the Entity Framework provider. I show how to construct the provider and then show how easy it is to consume the data via Silverlight. In the second half of the presentation I demonstrate how to create a provider using the reflection capabilities of .NET. This demo’s how to create a provider for data that is not in a EF compatibile database.

Presentation (PPTX) ODATA – Building Providers
Code (ZIP) ODATA Code


About Colin Blakey

Way to many years (30+) working in the Financial software world. Now working in a commercial tax software company in the Innovation labs working on machine learning, blockchain and other emerging technologies. I really should add more blogs.
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