Presentations at South Florida Code Camp

By the time your read this I should have completed two presentations at the South Florida code camp.


This presentation show how to construct OData providers using WCF Data services and consuming them using Silverlight and WPF. These providers include Entity Framework, Reflection and Customer providers. Also demo’d are Query and Change Interceptors which are used to filter queries and modify data.

Presentation (PPTX) ODATA – Building Providers
Code (ZIP) ODATA Code

Open XML

This presentation show how to construct Office documents using Open XML and specifically looking at Excel spreadsheets. Demo’d are Hello World in Excel and Word, then going deeper into constructing a fully functional Excel spreadsheet.

Presentation (PPTX) OpenXml – Do It YourSelf Office
Code (ZIP) OpenXml Code


About Colin Blakey

Way to many years (30+) working in the Financial software world. Now working in a commercial tax software company in the Innovation labs working on machine learning, blockchain and other emerging technologies. I really should add more blogs.
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