It’s been a while but work has been hectic….

As a developer working for a commercial tax software company there is no time when we are not, to excuse the phrase, ‘Balls to the Walls’. Creating and updating tax software is a year round constant update cycle. Both the federal government, state and city governments are constantly changing there tax rules and you need to get these changes out to customers both in time to meet the regulation changes but more importantly time for the customer to create their returns with the rules in sufficient time. I work for a company called Vertex Inc, in the Sarasota FL office, where we work on compliance (direct) tax. For those in the know this is Fed forms 1120, 1065, etc, equivalent (sort of) to personal tax forms 1040. But we also deal with all state and city forms in this same realm. Our corporate HQ is in Berywn, PA, where they deal with all other variants of tax i.e. payroll, sales, etc. Is it exciting? Well that depends on what you think exciting is. We always have work to do (more than can be done in reality), we always have tight deadlines, which we cannot move. It’s no use publishing our software 5 days after regulations have deemed a tax return must be posted, more like 2 months prior, to give customers a chance to finish up their returns. But we do deal with windows apps, web apps, inter site communications, which have got to be reliable, remember there’s millions if not more at stake here and the federal government has no sense of humor regarding outages Plus we are always looking at new ways to enable our customers to create their returns in the most efficient and accurate ways possible. So application integration is a major concern. So if you are in the Berwyn, PA or Sarasota, FL areas and are looking for a new challenge looks us up. It may not be sexy software by most peoples standards but we have to deliver on time, with quality, without failure, oh and did I say our firm offers excellent benefits and vacation. Ok, enough of the company promotion, note that these are my own opinions, but what I meant to aim this blog post at is that I’m going to start a series on using NUGET in the enterprise environment. Ill be looking at everything from NUGET basics to how to integrate into a corporate build environment. Will this all work, I have no idea, but it is something I’ve thought is a worthwhile exercise. Now that my group (commonly know as the Portals group, we deal with anything web related and office integration) has expanded in size (three times bigger), I have the bandwidth to look at more strategic changes, so this is where I’m starting. I will given time, bandwidth and OK’s from the PTB, move into other strategic changes, including MEF, EF, etc. While these may not be new, I want to look at these from an actual implementation viewpoint.


About Colin Blakey

Way to many years (30+) working in the Financial software world. Now working in a commercial tax software company in the Innovation labs working on machine learning, blockchain and other emerging technologies. I really should add more blogs.
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