Developing for Windows 8 RT devices

Quick rant on this. Why on earth do I have to be using a dev machine with Win 8 to actually develop for a Win 8 RT device. Visual Studio 2012 has a simulator, so I don’t have to run the app natively. I should be able to develop for Win 8 RT on a Win 7 machine. Anyone at Microsoft listening? It almost feels like the Apple camp in that if you want to developer for an iPhone you are tied to buying a whole bunch of the latest Apple kit to be able to play. Remember MS, you need us, the developers to make this platform a success. Having to upgrade my dev machine to Win 8 to be able to work with RT apps (ok, I dual booted it) is a pain. Win 8 is not a desktop O/S, watching the MS staff at Build proved this to me, at lot of back and forth with the ‘Start’ screen via keyboard shortcuts, gestures, mouse moves, this is not productive. Oh and don’t get me started on a dev license that only lasts for 4 months and then has to be renewed.


About Colin Blakey

Way to many years (30+) working in the Financial software world. Now working in a commercial tax software company in the Innovation labs working on machine learning, blockchain and other emerging technologies. I really should add more blogs.
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