Visual Studio 2013

So while it is great that Microsoft is releasing a new version of Visual Studio 2013 so quickly, it looks like we will be exposed to more bloatware. A small hint MS, corporations tend not to want all their IP up in the cloud for anyone to access. Yes, I know it’s secure and probably a lot more so than a lot of corporations but once compromised these cloud (ok, let drop the market speak, it’s just the internet like it’s always been) services can serve up a lot more IP. So we have more cloud BS, and yet the bugs and awful UI continue. But I guess MS is more concerned with the 100 million hobbyist devs, than the 12 million professional devs and note VS2012 has had 4 million downloads, wonder what the breakdown is? So let’s slam in new features and screw around with the UI to promote the latest corporate touch look and feel. Touchscreen, yeh, that’s how I’m going to use VS, just going to put in that req to replace my 24 inch LCD with a shiny new touch screen in these tough economic times, not. Rant over, I’ll stick with VS2010 even though I have an MSDN Ultimate license and can change whenever,



About Colin Blakey

Way to many years (30+) working in the Financial software world. Now working in a commercial tax software company in the Innovation labs working on machine learning, blockchain and other emerging technologies. I really should add more blogs.
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